Thursday, September 19, 2013

State Fair

 I went with my sister and her kids to the State Fair. It POURED the entire drive there, and I was thinking uh-oh. Luckily for us, it stopped the minute we got there and didn't rain the rest of the day! It did make for some mud and puddles, but we sure had a great time!

Everyone started this little run with an apron and a bucket.
Then we got to milk a cow. 
Ruth had lots of help. And see Danica holding my boy? What great helpers.

We picked apples.
Very excited for some veggies.

Rode tractors. 
Brushed some wool.
Gathered eggs.
 My sister Megan took this chicken and tried to peck at the kids. They were not too enthused but she thought it was hilarious. Haha!

Afterwards Kiersten was a little annoyed she was the boy and Anders was the girl.
 After all that picking and gathering they turned in all the items in their bucket to the grocery store and received some money with which they could buy a fruit snack. Ruth was delighted with the entire system. Next, they rode the giant slide!
Kiersten, Myles with Devaney, Danica with Ruth
 Ruth was not too sure about the slide, but smiled as soon as she reached the bottom because that was what everyone else was doing. Always good to have company on these sorts of ventures.

 Ruth got to have a long conversation with this pig.

I'm mad this turned out blurry, and they aren't too close because that steer is scary, but it was HUGE! I think it said 2,800 pounds! WOW!
Ruth got to pet this little calf and they matched.
 She also took a good, long look at this goose.
 And chatted with all of the bunnies, she thought they were great fun to talk to.
 See how much fun bunnies are?

This guy has some style.
 They had a bubble machine going and while Danica pulled a whole teenager "this is so dumb" haha, Ruth and Devaney were in HEAVEN. I teased Danica that this is all we are going to do at the next reunion-play with bubbles.

Ruth liked to step on them.
We didn't pay for pony rides since Grandpa can give them a ride whenever they wish, but luckily, they still got some riding in!

 Myles has some real skill, roping and riding at the same time!

Poor Anders.

 After that we saw a Lumberjack show (during which I took Ruth back here to play until they closed, I was so annoyed they closed, Ruth was having such a great time!) ate some yummy, overpriced corn dogs, and then went on a few rides.

Waiting in line. Hugs.
Ruth is not 36 inches tall, which meant there were about three rides she could actually go on. She didn't mind, she LOVED them! 
The last ride they went on was a bumpy caterpillar or some-such-thing, and I wish I could have captured that moment! Devaney and Ruth were sitting side-by-side on this caterpillar and it would go over a bump and Devaney would laugh, Ruth would laugh, and as they came around the corner they were both laughing with their heads thrown back, looking at each other as if they were best friends for life and the world was their playground. It was a perfect picture, as well as a perfect end to the fair. Ruth tried really hard to stay awake to watch the movie in Megan's van on the way home, but eventually sleep won and she didn't even wake up when we changed her diaper and put her in pj's. Thanks for a wonderful day, State Fair, and thanks for being such great company Megan and fam!

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So cute! Looks like it was lots of fun.