Wednesday, September 11, 2013

My Kids

Ruth loves my parent's cats. They have barn cats which is nice because I am allergic. Ruth can play with them outside and I don't have to touch them, it's a win-win situation. I especially love it when she plays with this cat because they match, orange-orange. It was especially so sweet this afternoon because Ruth had a fever and had been sleeping or lying on the couch all afternoon, but she still wanted to love on the cat!

Will is just the cutest baby ever.  
A bit ago Ruthie found my old hat and decided everyone needed to go gangsta for an afternoon. It was good times.

Will thought it was especially hilarious. 
Earlier today I was thinking my girl looked really cute in her new shoes and new outfit (new jacket courtesy of Bell Family Hand-me-downs) so I told her to smile and crouched down to take the picture, so she smiled and crouched down right along with me. Haha.

scroll between this stone face and the next picture, it really makes me laugh
showing off his top two teeth, and he officially has one more on the right and almost another on the left top.
My sister-in-law Bridget recently gave this toy to Ruth for her birthday. Ruth played with it quite a bit for a few days, but since then it has definitely become Will's thing. He LOVES it. He sits beside it and runs it back and forth, back and forth and chuckles his low, funny chuckle the entire time. What a character!

And one more picture of Will today while we were canning. Those eyes are dark like his daddy's and I just love them oh, so much! 

My kids are getting big right before my eyes and as cliche as it sounds, I wish I could stop them! Today they were both sitting in the cart (at Sam's Club) and Will would grab the item Ruth happened to be holding and chew on it, so Ruth would elbow him, so he would protest, and I just thought...when did my kids get this old? Aren't they just little perfect babies? They are. But with a lot more pizzaz lately. 

To offset the bickering though, they are getting to be such good buds. Ruth says "Oh no! Baby sad!" every time Will cries and rushes to his rescue with kisses and hugs. She gives him back his toys when they fall down and he's in the high chair. And I can't figure it out, but he laughs at her and nobody else. It is SO hard to get a real laugh out of that boy. He'll do a low chuckle now and again but its not long. Then Ruth will walk up and look at him funny and he will laugh and laugh! I have a couple videos where she did things that made him laugh and he was just rolling! Lots of times Ruth just has to walk past and he'll do a little chuckle and then if she pretends to tickle him he is just in heaven. I hope that is the basis for a strong and loving relationship between them forever.

Will has started army crawling full-force. Or something like that. He only uses one arm and pushes with one leg, but he is really quick. This morning he almost toppled down the stairs and I caught him by one leg (talk about mad momma skills!) Ruth came running and said "Will sad!" in this shocked voice. So funny. 

Ruth has started adding "a lot" onto the end of everything she says. Her nose has been running lately and so she'll point to it when it needs to be wiped and say "I nose, a lot" which, if you think about the pun is quite funny. Today she had a very unfortunate incident. I was unloading everything from Sam's and Ruth was 'helping' by carrying things around the kitchen. I carried some things upstairs and she started screaming. I came downstairs to see a pool of blood in the carpet by her feet, a trail to the kitchen, and a steak knife with blood on the end of it that she had been using to try and open a package. It was like a horror scene! Up to this point, she hasn't been able to reach that cupboard, but I know better now! I grabbed a towel and stopped the flow (I couldn't even tell which hand was bleeding because she had them clasped together and there was just as much blood on each.) and took off her pants because every time she saw the blood on them she started crying again. I tried to look at it and the cut looked a little like a fish's open mouth. I thought for sure we'd be headed in for stitches. So I thought about neighbors that could take Will, the blood on the floor and needing to clean it up, etc., and decided to hold Ruth's finger for a bit and see what happened. After awhile I thought it looked closed up, it wasn't bleeding and so I asked my neighbor (who has LOTS of kids and who I would have asked to watch Will if necessary) if she thought Ruth needed stitches. She thought it looked fine (probably because she hadn't seen the masses of blood on our carpet) so I bandaided it up and we called it a night. Ruth walked around saying "I owie a lot" and it was pretty sad. I let her eat Raisinets, a little taco salad, and a lot of ice cream for dinner, sweet girl. Every once in a while she would remember about her finger and hold it in the air and proceed to give it a matter-of-fact kiss, it is so cute. (Cleaning all that blood out of the carpet was not so cute.) Luckily she hadn't napped this afternoon because she was busy playing with cousins, so she fell right asleep without any crying. Sweet dreams Ruthie.

I have such perfect kids. Sigh.


Lynn said...

Oh my stars. My heart skipped a beat when I read Ruth's little accident story. YIKES! I DO hope she is okay and things heal well really soon.

Kayli said...

Adorable adorable kids. I love seeing Ruthie and Natalie in the hand-me-downs because it makes me remember my little girls in them. Sigh.

Sorry about your daughter trying to cut her finger off. Rough day.

Sorry about my lame phone call-- next time it will be better. ;)

Kayli said...

See Ethne in that same sweater:

See? So fun!