Monday, September 16, 2013


Sterling is at work, he'll come home and sleep probably after I'm already asleep and leave again for work first thing in the morning. Today is day 6 of his very first 7 days on. To make matters all the worse he will only have TWO days home before he flies out to Des Moines, then Miami, then home in time for another 7 days on. And after that? He flies out to another school. When he eventually does get home for a minute (he has one week off before again working 7 on, driving to an interview, and then working 7 on again) he is starting his research. Remember that? The stuff he's been trying to do for the past YEAR and has had to have reviewed about three times, switched to a different professor because the project was supposedly too big for a student? Yes? Well it has finally been accepted by both the faculty and animal use review boards and Sterling could not be more thrilled. It has been a LONG process, but since he has been officially approved he's been able to tell the exact specifics of everything at his medical school interviews which he had been very worried he would not be able to do. And the U seemed impressed that he headed up his own research and didn't just jump on someone else's, so maybe it will all be worth it? Anyway.

Today is day 6 of no husband, and I did church completely by myself. Sacrament actually went ok, I sat in front of a family with four kids and they did a good job of entertaining her so I could hold Will. Usually I make her face forward and don't let her turn around, but I knew that would be pointless since I had forgotten to bring in a carseat and therefore had to hold Will the entire time. Luckily she didn't get too out of hand and really it was probably one of her best days of sacrament meeting. I also had to sing in this women's choir I'd been bullied into (really, I understand if no one sings and you want to get the young couple to help out, but we have a big choir and they always want Sterling and I to sing and they practice after church when all we want to do is go home and put both our kids down for a nap and take a nap ourselves! anyway, since I was raised by my mother, we participate--really that's exactly what I tell Sterling whenever he wants to sneak away.) and luckily the family in front of us was the 13 yr old that I get as a babysitter on a fairly regular basis, so she and her mom just jumped back a seat during the song and it went really smoothly. 
I had to teach the lesson for our class, since Sterling was gone, and for the most part Will just crawled around on the floor and played with the girls' bright, pretty shoes. Then he got fussy and I got worried that I might just have to bag the lesson when he suddenly whined one last time, flopped his head onto my arm, and was instantly asleep. Silly boy, he falls asleep like that all of the time, mid-cry, but rarely in a lighted room with lots of noise. It was awesome for me though! He slept through most of Relief Society and only started to fuss at the very end. All in all, a very good attempt at single parenthood I must say.

I spent the evening taking pictures of my kids, because really, they are adorable. We also went on a walk, watched Brave while eating candy, and generally tried to make the time go by until bedtime. I think next week -since I don't have to teach because of Stake Conference- I am going to bail and go to my parents house. Then it won't be so lonely. Especially because Sterling will be far away in Miami and I won't even be able to dream about him coming home at night!
I bought this before he was even born and I got so many comments on how cute it was today! I'll have to try taking pictures again when he's a little more cooperative, this was the only smile I got. 
Aunt Kayli thank you so much for this dress! Unfortunately, Ruthie didn't want to smile for you.
This is the face Will always gets when Ruth is too close.
 Yes, Will's pj's say Ho, Ho, Ho. That was also a before-Will-was-born purchase that was a little riskier since it was seasonally themed. I think I got it after Christmas last year for 2 bucks. It fits him already, since he is wearing size 12 months and he is only 7 months old. Buts its ok to have a little Christmas spirit in September, right?
I kind of love this too.
Will is such a funny kid lately, he has this hilarious chuckle (Sterling calls it a chortle) and I still almost look around to see where it's coming from when he starts laughing! But he sure gets a kick out of things these days! 

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Kayli said...

Adorable kids!! Will has so many teeth. He's a cutie.