Thursday, September 19, 2013

Dearest Husband O' Mine

I missed you today. I missed you from the moment you stopped the van from leaving the drop-off terminal to tell me in a very distraught voice that you'd forgotten your wallet. And then I reassured you I'd put it in your backpack. For the 3rd time that morning. So very typical of you. I wanted to laugh at you. And then I wanted to cry that you wouldn't be here tonight to snuggle in bed with me.

 Luckily I had a very busy day canning applesauce with mom and Andrea. I think we did about 72 pints, but I'm not sure my math is correct because Andrea did quart jars instead of pints like mine and moms. I finally finished cleaning the kitchen just now. The stove had been through several battles today and the floor took TWO moppings before it didn't feel sticky when I walked on it. Did you know that there is such a thing as jumping apples? You try to cut them and the pieces just JUMP onto the floor? Or across the floor. Or onto the rug and then to the floor. It's true. I saw it in action today and it wasn't just me-Andrea and even my mom experienced the same thing. Haha. Hence the floor needing two washings. The stove, the stove was an entirely different matter. But its ok now. Ajax won out, and you know how I am, but I can go to sleep in peace now. Ruth is a certified applesauce taste-tester now. That was, until the other cousins came, and then she disappeared from the kitchen for a good while. She would smack her lips and say "Hot! Goot!" like she does, and it was pretty cute.

Sounds like you had a full day too, what with accidentally hitchhiking onto campus with a tomato-delivery truck and then having to go into the shelter when the tornado sirens went off. That brings back a lot of memories from summers in North Dakota when I was little. Do we really want to move to Des Moines? Maybe after today you should just cancel that interview? I'm glad you like the couple you're staying with so much and I'm glad they've given you so much information on what it's like for a young LDS couple to live and adjust there. I'm sad that the storm made it so you couldn't charge your phone and you couldn't hear Ruth tell you good night. But now you have the message and you can listen to it over and over again :).

I stuck both of our kids in the tub tonight and you would have loved our ticklefest that smelled of baby lotion and included the softest bellies and cheeks there ever were. Thank you for being such a good dad that I could imagine you there helping me and hear your chuckle at the little antics of our children. We have a good life. Our family is so perfect for me. I can't wait until you get home, but until you do, I'll keep prayers going in your direction. You will be the best interviewer at every school you go to !

PS Thank you for helping me pick all those apples so that I could spend today canning them with my family. Mom liked the kind of apples you picked from the tree that was pruned really crazy and that we thought at first wasn't ripe. It's a good thing you tried one and discovered how good they were!

PPS I wish it was yesterday and we could celebrate your birthday all over again. Remember how you're OLD now? HAHA!

xoxoxoxo, Your Wife

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