Tuesday, September 24, 2013

To My Sweetheart,

By the time I actually get to see you (stupid flight delays!) it will practically be tomorrow, so today deserves a note. Also, I won't see you for an entire week more (although I will get to sleep beside you for a portion of the night) and isn't that just the opposite of icing on the cake?!

Today was rough. Today pretty much started where last night left off with the spilled nail polish. Both kids woke up with noses running like fountains and in bad moods to boot. Torn pictures off my new magnet boards, Will pulling trash bags liners apart on the kitchen floor...We did have a brief respite at the park where Ruth got to play with Chase (although she decided dumping all her bubbles on the wood chips was more fun than blowing them) - and then it was home again. It was one thing after another until I gave up on the good parenting for the day and watched How To Train Your Dragon with Ruthie while they fixed our air conditioning and Will napped. Making banana bread was also a good point in the day, besides Ruth spilling a cup of sugar along the counter, it actually went pretty well. Ruth kept the afternoon going though: she pulled off her diaper (I guess that's my fault for being lazy on potty training), she made Will cry repeatedly (although I have to say he seems to know how to push her buttons these days), she dumped an entire bottle of orange juice on the stairs (that took a LONG time to clean up) and finally I stuck her in the high chair so I could make dinner and she promptly fell asleep.

When I woke her up to move her-so I could feed Will-it was like I had awaken some shrieking spirit from deep within and she didn't stop crying and screaming for forty-five minutes. I tried everything in the world to calm her down and eventually just stuck her in her room while I fed Will and ate my own dinner. When she wasn't crying anymore I went upstairs and opened the door and she just looked up and said "Hi mom, I want some milk." Crazy girl. We also had some crazy tantrums when I tried sucking out Will's nose (he was breathing horribly when he drank from his bottle) and I did Ruth while I was at it so she could breathe for a minute without her nose running into her mouth. On top of that, Will crawled around my feet all day with this pitiful cry because he wanted to be held and not just some of the time but ALL. of the time. It made me realize how good he is at playing on the floor for hours on end!

Needless to say, I dosed their poor little sick bodies with some baby tylenol, stuck them in the tub, diapered them up with good-smelling lotion, wrapped them in warm sleeper pajamas, and both of them fell asleep without even a peep. Too bad they wouldn't take naps earlier, it was definitely what they needed.

And now, your flight is delayed. Doesn't the pilot know that this princess needs a little rescuing from her tower and he's holding my prince hostage? Ruff. Also, I ate all our mint chocolate chip ice cream, and since that's all I've been craving lately, it's very sad. They did have a new Bones episode today that I could watch while eating my ice cream though, and that was a high point. (Although every time I do something in the evening besides my quilt I feel guilty.)

On a different note, I miss you. I didn't get to call or skype with you today and that was very, very sad. Although, Ruth did call you on my phone (she didn't actually dial she just picked the phone up off the counter and said 'hello') and said "Daddy! Hello! Mom going potty, Will sleeping. Dad at work. I want a snack, ok? I want a treat, ok? Ok? Ok daddy, ok? Bye!" It was a pretty hilarious conversation. I tried to teach her you were in Florida, but that didn't work, and then I tried school, but she's pretty positive you are at work. And aren't you so glad you know my potty schedule? Haha.

Pretty much I just miss you. A lot. It's late. And I'm not going to see you until really late. And that really makes me sad. And I want you to quit your job and quit school, and basically quit your life and spend ALL your time with me. Please and thank you.

xoxoxoxo, Lindsay

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