Monday, September 23, 2013


I miss you. I feel like we have been apart for forever and that we need a lifetime to make up for being apart so long. Makes it even worse that we'll get...pretty much the drive home together and then you'll leave for work in the morning...and the next six morning after that. THEN I might get to see you. But probably not. You'll have research and homework and meetings and and and...I can't wait until December and graduation! Then it really will only be work for a little minute before medical school arrives. Sigh.

I had a really great day. I went to the park with Jocellyn and ran into an Egbert that I kinda knew (I knew the siblings just younger than her) and Ruth played with her three kids and we all enjoyed ourselves so much we stayed at the park for 3 hours! The weather was nice, it was one of those days where you take your jacket off and its feels too chilly, but you put it on and you get hot, haha. It warmed up in the later afternoon though and our house got HOT! They couldn't fix the air conditioning until tomorrow...and our landlord has jury duty so I have to be home the entire time. I always think its awkward to be home while people are doing stuff in your house. Anyway.

I also got a massage! Zully called from my office and said that they felt bad they always scheduled massages on days that I didn't work (not that hard, now that I only work two days a month) so they invited me to stop by and get my massage. It was cut short due to a very particular momma's boy (I can't help it, I just LOVE that he likes me over everyone else!) but she kinda finished off with a short back rub while I held Will. It felt really good, and she had a minute to work on a part of my neck that felt all crinked earlier, so that was nice.

Will fell down the stairs today. Luckily, only three of them. It was really, really, really, really sad. We cuddled for a long time after that. (I think we need a second gate for the other set of stairs) Then I was trying to get Ruth to bed and get her to be a little happier, so I decided I'd paint her nails real quick and we'd have a good time, and then it would be time for bed. Only, she almost dropped a bottle of nail polish and in saving that bottle, I dropped the bottle I was holding. It shattered when it hit the and bright/dark blue went EVERYWHERE. Will, of course, was crawling towards me, still sad from falling, so I was trying to get him to go the other direction, away from the glass, while trying not to step on any of it and spread it, while telling Ruth not to get down off the counter, while trying to decide what the best course of action for cleaning that up was. I ended up dumping almost our entire bottle of nail polish removal over the tile to get it all off (in small doses at first, larger when I realized it wasn't helping too much) and then sweeping up the remaining glass. Now our bathroom reeks. Ruthie does love her nails though! Then she had a meltdown because I forgot to individually wrap her bears in blankets before giving them to her in bed. Oh, that child. Bedtime was a little hectic to say the least and it would have been nice to have you around to help!

Miami was your best. interview. ever. you say? I'm glad. You're getting really good at this by now! I'm glad they gave you so many compliments because you really do deserve them. I'm still not at all convinced that Miami is where I want to live anytime, ever, but at least if we get an acceptance we have a CHOICE and are not just stuck going wherever we get in. Not that that would really bother me either. Getting in is getting in, right? I'm glad you liked the campus and it sounds like their hospitals that they rotate at are HUGE. Miami is a huge city. I can't even really imagine. Like I said, I've been to Chicago, but only once, and only for a week, and anything bigger than SLC just kind of boggles my mind.

I'm really excited that tomorrow you are boarding a plane to come home! Ruth kept saying "daddy home? daddy home?" in bed tonight when I was tucking her in. We are all very ready. I hope you have fun touring the campus tomorrow and that all your flights and layovers go splendidly. I love you so much!

xoxoxoxo, Your Wife

 After I Skyped with you, Will seemed wide awake so I thought I'd let him play on the floor while I got ready for bed. I came back from the bathroom and he was asleep on the floor exactly how I had set him down!!! Too sweet.

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