Saturday, September 21, 2013

Dear Sterling Day 3

It's only been three days? It feels like FOREVER. I went to your family reunion picnic today-everyone says hi and good luck. Ruth was excited to see "Shenny" and had a grand time because JoJo was nice enough to let Ruth play with all of her toys the entire time. Jenny was holding Will and I was sitting beside Brandon and he said "Whose baby is that?" I looked around to see what he meant, and then I realized he meant Will. "Uh...mine!?!?!?" Then I told him he was officially demoted from bro-in-law to something less. He said we just needed to hang out more. Although, Will has gone from dark hair to blond recently, but still. Marlowe laughed pretty hard at him, at least, for Marlowe it was a big laugh. It made me laugh hard too.

I already told you how cute Ruthie was today, she needed her baby (bear) to have a diaper on. And shoes (of course). Then on the way home from the picnic she told me she was stinky. "No, baby stinky." "Will?" "NO! Baby! (holding up her bear) Pee-you!" Hahaaaa. It was hilarious.

Will and I had a nice morning. He woke up at 5am. Again. No human person alive should be that happy at 5am. He snuggled in bed with me for an hour before he was sick of that, and then he snuggled in the tub with me and I just love his chubby rolls! He's the best snuggler and I just love it.

Danica babysat (and Lynnaea tagged along just for fun) so I could go to our Stake Conference adult session. It was incredible. Inspiring. I want to make so many goals and do so many things for our children and be so much more studious in the gospel! I love going away from a meeting with that rejuvenated and driven feeling. I already told you a lot about it, and I'm so glad I can talk about such important topics so easily with you. That's something we've been good at from our very first non-date. You can always get me to talk about things that I struggle to put into words. You're the best.

I'm sorry Miami has been so rough for you. I'm glad you found a hotel. I'm glad you're safe and hopefully sleeping right now. I'm sorry it's hot. Tomorrow, when today and all your travels are more hazy and far away, the world will be brighter and I'm sure you will be much more excited about these next two interviews. And if not, it's not like I ever wanted to live in Miami anyway, hahahaha. (I promise I didn't personally sabotage your trip. Really.)

I miss you. I love you. As Ruth would say: I miss you, a lot. I love you, a lot. I bonk, a lot. (okay, only she gets bonks a lot, but it's hilarious to hear her say that.) (How much sappier can I get before Kayli stops reading my blog?) Good luck, a lot! xoxoxoxo Lindsay

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