Sunday, September 22, 2013

Dearest Love of My Life

Hello from all of your little family! We miss you so so so so much! Here we are today, thinking about you and wishing you were here!

Today went by really fast because I took the opportunity of not having to teach (Stake Conference) and drove down to visit my parents ward. I'm glad it went by so quickly-only two more days until I get to see you, at least for one night! Remember how we went over 2 years of marriage without sleeping apart? Remember how that made us so happy? We should go back to that.

Everyone in my parents' ward said that Will looks *just* like you-surprise, surprise. Most handsome little man ever award, right there-I mean, why else would I have married you, if not to make beautiful babies with, right?- His tiny little church suit is the cutest thing in my life and he really is such a sweet and good baby I love him more every minute. Plus, he seemed extra smiley today, and who can resist a toothy grin from a ropy-poly Will?!? They also were completely captivated by our beautiful little girl. I happened to pull into the parking lot at the same time as mom and dad, so Ruth went in with mom while I pulled Will out. Mom said the lady handing out programs just ooh'd and ahh'd over how beautiful Ruth's hair was and what a gorgeous little girl she was. Mom said Ruth whipped out an angelic smile and said "thank you" in her perfect little voice and the lady just about died. Oh, she might be a little mischievous, that one.

I was fed a lovely dinner, with lots of treats throughout the night of course, and Ruth swallowed her disappointment about not being able to "jump'n'it" (the tramp is broken) by swinging. I put Will in a swing for the very first time! He LOVED it! He laughed and grinned and generally made the whole experience delightful. Ruth also got to kiss the baby horse on the nose, which she was very proud of.

The highlight of the day was when I got to skype with you! It was so nice to be able to see you talking and picture you in Miami. It was so good to have you sing the turtle song with Ruthie, it felt like you were home for a bit of the evening. Watching Ruth talk to you was the best kind of medicine, she was absolutely enthralled and firmly believed that daddy was home and was all sorts of excited! I can't wait until you really are home. I'm also really glad that your hosts were nice enough to let you take a big, long nap today-you deserve it! That's neat that all the wards there are bilingual. I think Miami would be a bit more of a culture shock than anywhere else we've applied to. That could be really fun though. Best of luck on your interview tomorrow, I'll be praying and thinking about you all day long! You are the best and I am just so very, very glad that you are mine!

xoxoxoxo, Your Wife

PS Here's a taste of our day, so you can look at it as long as you'd like!

I told Ruthie she couldn't have another push until she smiled...hence, the forced face. Haha! 

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