Friday, September 20, 2013

Day Two of Missing You

Today I had to get up really early to teach piano. Ruth was asleep so I left her in the van and checked on her after the first lesson, she rubbed her eyes, looked up at me and said "Devaney!" Yup. She knows when she's at her Aunt Megan's. Haha. Also I was carrying both kids into the grocery store, one on each hip so I could keep Ruth from running off, an older couple stopped to fawn over them and laugh at my load. We walked away and after some serious contemplation Ruth looked up and said in a very matter-of-fact tone, "I cute." as she pointed to her chest. Yup, yup she is.

Will can sit up now, and his sixth tooth is through (I noticed it was definitely through yesterday, but I think it was even before then) and Ruth can say "I love you" as you heard on the phone today. I can't believe they're big enough for all of that. Chantelle put Daphne on the floor today during the baby shower and Will crawled up REALLY fast and started trying to eat her head. It was pretty hilarious.

Our air conditioner is broken and can't be fixed until Monday, luckily its been pretty cool. The light went out in our bedroom. When I shower there is 4 inches of water when I'm finished because the drain is so slow. The light is going off in the van saying our tires are low on air (although dad said he'd fix that for me when I go out there) and just EVERYTHING seemed to happen because you aren't here to take care of me. I miss you.

I'm sad I didn't get to share that pulled pork sandwich with you at the fair you went to in Des Moines tonight. I'm even more sad about missing out on those fried potatoes you said were so delicious. You know me so well. Even though you thought this interview didn't go as well as the U's, I'm sure you did fantastic, because you are the love of my life, and they should love you too.

I'm nervous about you driving in Miami tomorrow late at night. No more accidents from falling asleep, ok? Promise? Get lots of rest tomorrow during your layover. I can't wait to hear about all of your adventures!

Ruth got some shoes from Devaney today that are bright red. She's had them on all day long--on the wrong feet. She could be Dorothy and they'd be her ruby red slippers. It's pretty adorable. She also discovered that she can crawl up and turn on the water in the kitchen sink and make a pretty good mess. Good thing she's so adorable. Will is Will, getting so big I hardly recognize him as my baby, playing on the floor happy as a clam and keeping his spot as the best baby with the most perfectly squishable and perfect cheeks there ever were.

I miss you. Tonight you wouldn't want to cuddle because you'd be hot from not having air conditioning-even with the window open-and I'd make you cuddle until I fell asleep, and I think you'd be secretly happy about it. I can't wait until you get home, and by then the air conditioning should be fixed and you'll hold me forever and ever. Can't wait. xoxoxoxo, Your Wife

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Kayli said...

I think tomorrow your blog post should be a letter to ME missing me. It would be awesome. And hopefully, less sappy. ;) I'm just kidding.