Monday, September 22, 2014


 Sterling had a big test today--his very first test in medical school!--and so he spent all last week studying for it. We had some LONG days. But on Friday he said he'd take a break for dinner so I thought we should have some fun while eating! It was great for him to have some time to spend with the kids and we had such a fun time. Ruth asks every day now when we can go 'bawling' again.
The smallest size they have. Aren't they the cutest thing you ever saw in your life?!?! 
Ruth is on a HUGE kick of dressing herself. Five hundred times a day. Usually she somehow involves that pink skirt.

Signing 'please' for some fries.
I wasn't sure how bowling would go with two little ones, but it was an awesome activity! They loved everything about it. They loved carrying the balls, lifting it onto the little helper thingy, pushing the ball down, watching the pins fall, and especially the fries and pizza! (Ruth and pizza, man, she can eat SO much-she loves that stuff!)
High fives after every turn.
Lifting it on.
Molly was there too, but it was so dark that my camera would flash and she would make funny faces for the camera.
A very successful venture. 

More high fives.
Will couldn't take a turn unless he was wearing daddy's hat--cutest thing ever!
And that was our night of bowling. It was such a great night. We needed the stress-relief at our house and the kids had such a great time and enjoyed having daddy around to play with so much! 

Here's a few pictures. Mostly of Ruthie wearing her new dress. End of summer sales, when you live somewhere that is summer year round, are really awesome. Plus, she really, really needed a new Sunday dress.
She looks really old to me here.
 I wanted Kami to see this dress because I love it so much. It is a lot more pastel than I thought it would be when I ordered it, but it looks SO GORGEOUS on Ruth with her coloring. I am in love. So is Ruth. She asked to wear it every single day between when we got it in the mail and when Sunday came around.

Will also got a new Sunday shirt. A little big--but it looks better than his super small one he has been wearing!

Doesn't she look so elegant standing that way? She was actually sulking. 
These pictures are for my sister Kami. I told her I wanted a dress just like this in every size as Ruth grows. It is so simple and yet it looks SOOOO pretty! I don't think the pictures do it justice.

The front is pleated and elastic.


Kami said...

Very cute! And it would be easy to make.

Bridget Cunningham said...

I love the purple shirt and jeans outfit! She looks very grown up! How is she only 3?! She definitely seems older than the last time I saw her :(

Cindy Ball said...

Great pictures! Especially loved the one of Will signing. I didn't know he did that.

Looks like you all had a fun night of bowling.

Sara said...

Where did you find Will's white shirt? Now that I have a boy I need to figure out where to find boys Sunday clothes!

The Haws Family said...
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The Haws Family said...

Online from kohls. Target didn't carry them that small.