Monday, September 15, 2014

My Girls

Ruth is all about being a princess or a ballerina lately. She saw this pink skirt (at Walmart for three bucks) and just about DIED she thought it was so wonderful! haha. She dances in it regularly throughout the day and barely lets me wash it. 

Also, at the same Walmart trip I bought new hair bands for her. Her hair is too thick for the tiny baby elastics and they'd keep breaking mid-day and her hair would fall. I don't know why this seems so important to me, but it makes me feel like she is SO big!

Dancing, obviously.

Molly is pretty much the most beautiful baby ever. Thanks to my sister Megan for this ADORABLE dress and bow. Perfection.
Sleeping with bum in the air. So sweet.
 I'm having this inner struggle. Molly is a fairly fussy baby. Basically from 7-10am and 6-10 or so pm. But also in-between a bit. She only likes to be held out from you or against your chest. She does pretty well in a wrap. We're working on getting her to take a soother because she uses me as her personal one at the end of every feeding for about five times. But she sleeps really well on her belly. So I lay her on her belly when I really need her to sleep (but not at night, she still is doing fine in her swing at night) and then alternate between working on something and freaking out that she's dying of SIDS and run to check on her the entire nap time. What I'm saying is, she makes things real tricky.

Visible eyelashes! 

More bum in the air. I LOVE it.
Ruth wants to be right next to Molly always.
I have the sweetest baby girls in the world. Sigh.


Kayli said...

Hang in there! Fussiness is not cool, but pretty soon they get bigger and grow out of it. She is adorable and little baby dresses are soooo fun!

Cindy Ball said...

Love it, love it, love it! PS: THANKS for the pictures. They're great!