Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Let's Go Fly A Kite!

This is what your photos look like when you take your camera out of an air-conditioned van and into 98 degree heat with insane humidity:
 Then I noticed things were fuzzy and wiped the lens with the baby's blanket and we were good to go again, haha.

We had heard about this beach that had a big kite shop and park and supposedly was this huge attraction. In November. We didn't know that. It was HOT!!!! But the kids still had a great time--Ruthie was in heaven!---and at least we know where it is now because I definitely want to go back again when it is not so hot and I don't have to spend the entire time in the van keeping the a/c pointed at the baby, haha. 

Will had a lot of fun running around with the kite packaging. Love it.
I *love* this photo.

I also loved watching Ruthie race after her daddy the entire time. So sweet.
Adorable little kite shop. 

She was in heaven! 

More racing after daddy.
Watching it fly.
Daddy's helper--flying the kite!
Cutest little baby girl.
And cutest little baby boy. 
I only put this in because it shows my cute braid, haha. 
They had a nice covered picnic area and we had a great time guzzling down about six water bottles, haha!

All the neat kites!
This park was not really on a beach. It was a dock for all these fishing boats and now sometime I want to come back and try some of that fresh fish! It looked so cool!

What a wonderful day to fly a kite. It was really hot, but we did have the place to ourselves, so I guess it was a trade-off. We already have this on our list of places to go back to! Thanks for a great day, Miami!

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Bridget Cunningham said...

Ruthies little cheeseball smile is killing me! I love it so much!