Saturday, September 27, 2014

Good golly, Miss Molly!

First, we have Molly the beach babe. She's cool and she knows it!

Her brother and sister are pretty cool too. Isn't it interesting that Ruth and Molly both have one brother and one sister but Will has two sisters? I just thought of it that way, usually I just think of them as my three kids. 

Miss Molly's cheeks are so squishable, you just can't resist!

She is absolutely, perfectly precious when she's sleeping.

That little fist! That little chin! The rolls! The dimples! The gorgeous eyelashes! Her perfect baby softness, sigh, sometimes it's just too much for me.

I know the lighting is terrible, but late nights are when we seem to hang out the most--thanks to Miss Molly's fussiness. I am so very grateful that I get some one-on-one time with her, even if I'd like some extra sleep. Who wouldn't want to stay awake to look at that beautiful little face? Those eyes!

A smile! Ok, so even I know it's a goofy smile (I always catch it when it's going away, those baby smiles are so quick!) but I love it SOOOOOOOO much!!!!!!

This picture. I die. There is NOTHING more precious than that sleeping babe. Her sweaty hair above her ear from nursing, the red cheek that's drooping down, the perfect contentedness. All wrapped under the love of grandma's quilt. Perfection.

Poor baby get a lot of lovin'.

I love this picture too. You can just FEEL the softness of those cheeks and lips. 

Sisters. There is just something so special and I am just so happy they have each other!

Those dark eyes. Oh I love my girls!

All three.

Now, I need to stop swooning over my beautiful babies and clean some bathrooms. Motivation please, anyone?


Bridget Cunningham said...

Haha I love Ruth's cheesy smile! She is the best! Also how is it that you always have bathrooms to clean! I feel for you! I hate cleaning toilets more than anything else!

The Haws Family said...

Maybe I just complain about them more than anything else, ha ha?

Kayli said...

I was going to point out that the swimming suit Molly is wearing I gave you and she is soooooo cute in it! And that you are wearing my matching swimming suit!!!

But I was on vacation, so I didn't. But then you reminded me, so I did.