Tuesday, September 2, 2014

Swimming with Dad

We got to enjoy one last LONG weekend with Sterling without the stress of MD classes. 
We took full advantage and went to the pool. Twice. The second time we met our friends the Irvins and the van Leuwens at the pool and I actually didn't take any pictures (sad) but I have to say that having a pool to relax at is pretty much the greatest. Especially when it cools down just a little and there's a nice little breeze (since Molly and I can't jump in with everyone quite yet)!

Sterling was super impressed with how well the kids do in the water--it's been awhile since he's been to the pool with us! Ruthie has turned chicken and won't jump in the water anymore (just from the stairs, which isn't really anything) but Will floats around on his own and does great! It's fun to watch them. Sterling was also reminded of how relaxing it is to just walk out our front door and down the road a bit (inside our complex) and jump in the pool on a hot afternoon. We might have to go swimming a few times to de-stress from studying later on in the semester!

 The end.

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