Wednesday, September 3, 2014

Church with 3

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I put Molly in the beautiful dress that I wore and Ruthie wore as babies--for church on Sunday. I love having items like that! 
I still can't believe I have three kids. Look at them! They are all mine! How did this happen? I love it, but it just seems a little crazy. I told Sterling the other night that I kind of felt like this pregnancy would last forever and yet it flew by, so when we actually brought a baby home it felt a little surprising. Haha.

Beautiful Molly.

She looks SOOOO pretty in this one.
Awww, so sweet!
Mama and baby.

Cute little ruffle bum.

Oh my goodness little Molly, you are our perfect little angel! 

Church went pretty well for the first time of having three kids for three hours. The nursery leaders are often MIA so Sterling stayed with the kids while I went to Sunday school---only then the substitute nursery leader came into my class with Ruth and Will in tow saying Ruthie needed to use the potty. So here I am with Molly in my arms (she was being fussy, surprise surprise) and suddenly two toddlers thrown at me and how am I supposed to take Ruth potty and hold her dress up with a baby in my arms? I had lots of willing hands to hold the baby---but that's a bit hard since I didn't really want her passed around. Where was Sterling? Turns out he had been in the bishops office filling out the information for Molly's blessing certificate. Besides that though (and nearly starving--I felt more hungry than when I am pregnant by the end of church and was trying to quietly stuff my face with the kids crackers during the last hour.) church went as well as I think we can expect! Yay for that! And a big yay for having Sterling there---we spent so long with him having medical jobs that he had to work on occasional Sundays, so it's a real treat to have a helping hand there!


Lindsey said...

Wow, that IS crazy that you have 3! If you're not sure how the kids came to and the Schultz's can inform you...ha ha! She's cute! Good luck with the craziness!

kami said...

Ah, Molly looks just like I imagined your children would look like. And then Ruth happened with her red hair. That's still surprising to me. But all your kids are adorable!

Anonymous said...

She is adorable!!! The pics of all the kids are cute. Yes, adjusting to church with 3 is a big step.
Love you. Mom

Andrea said...

I love her skinny legs and arms. So newborn. So beautiful!!!