Friday, September 19, 2014

Park, Pool, Zoo, and a Birthday!

We've been busy this week doing lots of fun things! We are really enjoying playgroup, especially the super fun park we went to this week!
All boy. He loved this car!
 They had this little playhouse and even though there were two massive playgrounds to play on, Ruth and Will spent a good amount of time in here. 

This saucer-swing was a big hit. Ruth LOVED it! I put Will on for a ride and he was not a big fan, haha. I thought it was super cool.

Molly chilling in her carseat while everyone played. Sweet girl.

The next day we met up with McKenzi and her boys and Beth and Caroline and we went swimming. Will spent a lot of time floating in the middle of the pool all by himself, which I thought was absolutely charming. What a character! Seriously--for at least thirty minutes he was just floating around doing nothing but soaking in the sunshine. Love that boy.

He sure loves the water!

Oftentimes a lot more playing happens outside the pool than actually IN the water.

We gave Sterling his present first thing in the morning so he could wear it to school. A new shirt and hat--yay for the U!

While daddy was away at school we went to the zoo. It was hilarious--I think we had four people pushing double strollers and two single strollers. I LOVE having a zoo pass--especially now that school has started. We get there right at 9:30am when they open (to beat the heat) and there is no one there. It makes it feel so much more relaxing and enjoyable. This trip was especially nice because it was only EIGHTY DEGREES! I don't think it's been that cool since we moved here. It felt blissful. 

Hey dad, can I have a ride? 
Ruthie the lion.

Again, Molly being awesome and hanging out in her carseat. When she isn't awesome I carry her in the sling--but this trip she slept the ENTIRE morning until she woke up to eat at the splash pad.
Ruthie and the kids closest in age to her! 

Can't I just climb over and join the wild dogs from Asia, mom? 
We walked one loop of the zoo and then stopped at the splash pad. That was our original destination but it had been so cool when we got there that we had to enjoy the weather while we could to walk around. It worked out perfectly because it was creeping closer to ninety degrees by the time we got to the splash pad and the kids were ready to jump in!
This boy really does LOVE water. He is much more brave than Ruth-he runs right into anything!
Playgroup friends. 

Sweetest most beautiful baby girl ever.

Waiting for the bucket to fill and dump on them!

After the zoo I let the kids paint (I know, mom award) a card for daddy's birthday. I am just very grateful it wipes up so easy.

Molly momentarily sitting while they painted. She is fussy off and on all the time so it's nice when she will just enjoy sitting. 
I've never made coffee cake before, but I forgot to make Sterling coconut cake (it has to be made the night before) and for some reason I remembered eating it at Andrea's house when she lived on 36th street (I was in high school) and really loving it. It wasn't quite as good as I remember it (Ands--I need to see if I have the same recipe as you use) but I really liked it. Sterling thought it was good, so that's a win.

Happy birthday to that old man! I can't believe he's 27. Mostly because that means I'm turning 26. That just can't be right. I feel 19. No joke. Even with three kids. Sterling had a good dinner and then went back to studying. He has a test on Monday so we have seen VERY little of him this week. Welcome to med school. 
I'll end this post with those chubby cheeks. They are the best to kiss.


Kayli said...

I love how Will just chillaxes in the pool!

Did you eat your coffee cake with cream? That is a must for it to be excellent.

Andrea said...

Kayli, that is just what I was going to say! Must have cream. Coffee cake is what Cowen usually asks for on his birthday. Love it.

Bridget Cunningham said...

I am quite annoyed that I can't comment on each photo as I feel the need... first, the kids look so hot at the park! I love those little rosy cheeks! Second, I am sooo jealous that the pools are still open there! That is fantastic! Third, you get the best photos! I love the one of Ruth running in the splash pad right after the one of water waiting to dump on them... so cute! 4th, I agree.. best mom ever! I love that you let them paint and engage them in awesome activities like that, it really irritates me when people just let their children watch Tv all day. I'm glad my nieces and nephew are living the dream that all kids should! Finally.. Molly could not be any sweeter! I love the one of her in the car seat with the little flower dress on.. sigh, I can't wait to meet her!

Sorry for the loooong comment, but blogger really needs to change it's comment leaving ability! (and add a like button haha)