Monday, September 1, 2014

Pinecrest Gardens

A lifetime ago (the day before I had Molly...or the day I went into labor) we went to Pinecrest Gardens with our good friend McKenzi Irvin and her boys Liam and Luke. It only costs a couple bucks to get in and I've heard its just a smaller version of a lot of the botanical gardens around. You can get a cup of fish food for a dollar at the entrance and the kids can feed the fish all throughout the gardens. Ruth threw all ours in the very first time we saw fish. Luckily Liam was nice and shared later on, haha. It really is incredible the stuff that grows in Miami. I feel like we are in a jungle. We had a great time--minus the HORRENDOUS mosquitoes (you walk along a river the entire time, so I guess I should have suspected) and I bet we will be back, especially since Sterling has to see it now!
At the entrance.
I spy a Ruthie!
Throwing food to the fish!

Crazy vegetation

Feed me!
We saw lots of turtles as well.

Stopped for snacks. It was INCREDIBLY hot this afternoon, poor kids are dripping.
They also have a fun little petting zoo. My kids were more interested in the playground beside it (go figure, I guess they're still used to animals from grandma's and Aunt Megan's house) but I did convince them to pet a few animals.

It was a really fun afternoon! We loved that it is SO close to our house, SO cheap, and just the right size for the kids to enjoy in an afternoon. Also, it might have been the trick that put me in to labor, so thanks Pinecrest Gardens, haha!

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