Monday, September 15, 2014

Brown Eyes

Seriously, I have the cutest kids ever. Look at all those brown eyes!!! I ALWAYS WANTED brown-eyed kids! Oh, I just love it! (again I just posted about three posts, so keep scrolling!)

Also, when did Ruth get so grown-up looking? It's a little ridiculous. Will, for the record, is wearing a batman cape. When he wears it Ruth calls him 'Captain' and I think it's the best thing ever. 

They might have made our two hour stake conference complete chaos, but they looked good while they did it! When we left Sterling commented, "Well, at least we will be blessed for obedience because I got NOTHING out of that." 

But back to how adorable they are. Yeah.

1 comment:

Cindy Ball said...

I love how Ruthie has her arm around them both. PRECIOUS! Sure do miss your little family!