Wednesday, September 24, 2014

My Little Fam

First, a quick picture of Ruthie because her eyes look gorgeous.

I am having a really hard time taking cute pictures of Molly. Not because she isn't the most gorgeous baby that ever existed (she is) but because every time I pull out the camera it seems that five hundred little hands are pulling the camera, the baby, me, or all of the above. Then the baby cries and no pictures get taken. The one time I might actually get some taken would be Will's nap but Molly sleeps then too (thankfully,  I wouldn't change that for the world). So here are a couple that do not do real justice to how beautiful my little Miss Molly is.

A smile. She smiles all the time now and I love it! She especially loves to smile at 4am, silly girl.

Last night Sterling rough housed with the kids and it was absolutely hilarious. I tried taking video, but it's not that great. Will's hysterical babble every time he was trying to escape was priceless. Somehow I got into the tickling masses and, oh boy!, Will is not okay with his mama screaming in duress! Oh I love that I have a mama's boy--even if it did make their dr.'s appointments quite tricky this morning. 

Rough housing led to swing dance moves which led to Ruthie really wanting to dance with daddy. Which, obviously, had to include a tutu. Oh I love my little family!