Monday, September 15, 2014

Ten Things

1. I can fit all my kids on the stroller, either as shown in the picture, or by making Ruth and Will share a seat. Sometimes I look down at them and just laugh. So many babies!

 2. The weather has cooled a bit. About ten degree, so it's not a stifling 98 degrees every day now and that is nice. It still torrentially downpours regularly though. On Sunday we went on a walk around the undergrad campus (I've posted about our visit there before) and the breeze made it feel absolutely HEAVENLY. Also, we got about halfway around this little lake and I realized how easy this walk was. Last time I was 9 months pregnant, having contractions, and it was 15 degrees hotter. I almost died. Haha. So much better this go-round!

3. Sterling started working with his cadaver this week and he really enjoys it. He has his first test next week so he has finally hit that crazy-studying-med-student mode that we knew would come. Sigh.
 4. There are new move-ins in our stake now that the fall semester at U of M has started, which means more english-speaking wives of students...with kids! Someone to relate to! We have started up a playgroup (they had one going, but it kind of fell apart over the summer) and it is so NICE to get out and chat with people!

5. Molly decided to catch Will's runny nose. She sounds a tiny bit stuffy at different times throughout the day, but she gets really stuffed up during the night and the past two days I have had to get out our suction machine so she could eat easier for her last early-morning feeding. Poor girl.

6. Ruth is all about everything pink and girly and ruffly. But only recently has she started differentiating that Will is a BOY and so she makes him be the prince, or captain, or hero. It's really cute. I love it.
 7. (ten things are hard!) Sterling has started going to the gym every morning with the only other LDS first year med student (although they aren't in the same program) and is LOVING it. He loves having someone to talk to and someone to motivate him to go. Win-win.
They have these tables on the undergrad campus that swing. Will thought they were SO AMAZING! 
Father's interviews, anyone?
 8. It's weird that it's fall and people are getting ready for cold weather. It feels like eternal summer here. Which brings up the thought--my kids won't have to wear jackets under their Halloween costumes, crazy?!?! All my memories are of wearing snow clothes under my costumes in North Dakota. I've heard the stake puts on a pretty great trunk-or-treat so I'm excited. I don't know how people move around the country without the church.

Handsomest boy EVER!

 9. My goal was to start working on my kids' baby books every night for a little bit. But that is when Molly is super fussy. Sigh. How do people ever get things like that accomplished?

Ruthie wanted in on Molly's sweet ride. They are the cutest.

10. I mentioned on Facebook that I went to a Ladies Night Out the other day. We went bowling. I haven't been bowling in ages. We all scored under 100---it was my kind of bowling!!! Of particular note were the fries. They had this awesome seasoning and then a dill dip that was to die for. I want to go back just to get some more. Molly took my milk from a bottle like a dream. Yay! Not that I need her to do that again anytime soon....haha. Now if I could start fitting my clothes again, we'd be back to 100%!

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Carlie said...

Your kids are adorable and all look so similar to each other. Those swinging table things reminded me of the double swing benches you had in your Minot house.